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Single men over 50

Silver Foxes: How to Meet Men Over 50 with SilverSingles

You’ve decided that it’s about time you found yourself a dashing silver fox. But how are you going to find him? Fortunately, SilverSingles is here to lend you a helping hand. We’ve penned a few top tips that’ll help you meet brilliant single men over 50 in next to no time. Ready to find out how?

Meet single men over 50, offline & online

There are plenty of ways to meet handsome gents, though some might be better suited to you than others. Indeed, the most obvious suggestion is to find them in real life. This may seem blatant, but there’s reason as to why we’ve mentioned it. Because there are many ways to find great guys IRL (in real life), it can get a bit confusing. What’s more, some of the more common means aren’t as effective as you might think.

Take for example meeting a man through mutual friends. Although this means he’s got your acquaintances’ seal of approval from the get-go, it can feel a bit stifling knowing that your friends may have had designs for the two of you. Another popular tip is to find love via a shared interest or hobby. Yes, this means you’ll likely to be on the same page when it comes to passions, but there’s still a chance that the spark needed to kickstart a relationship might be missing.

To narrow the search down even further, attending singles events or going on cruises can seem like a viable way to find a man. Though this can prove to be a great way of getting out there and meeting interesting single men over 50, knowing that you only have a fixed amount of time to get to know each other can cause unnecessary pressure.

All things considered, it’s no surprise that more and more over 50s are turning to dating sites to find eligible single men. By going online in your search for love, you’re able to rule out the negatives mentioned above and focus on finding someone special. What’s more, using a premium dating site like SilverSingles means that you can tailor your search to the highest detail to make sure that you’re only meeting single men over 50 that tick all your boxes.
What single men over 50 value

Now we’ve spelled out some of the best ways to meet a man, it’s worth answering another important question. In fact, this query is equally as crucial as figuring out how to find yourself a guy. Understanding exactly what single men over 50 value in life, as well as what they want in a partner, is going to help you when it comes setting your expectations. To get you clued up, we’ve set out 5 points that will give you get a better grasp of what single men over 50 are looking for in love.

Single men over 50… love being active

It’s an outright myth that the minute you hit 50, sedentary living becomes the norm and the very thought of anything strenuous is a source of immense woe. As it happens, the truth is that single men over 50 are often very active. Whether your man is into swimming or enjoys going rambling at the weekend, pay attention to his preferences and see whether they click with yours. Sharing a passion is central to any budding relationship!

… cherish independence

This may seem a little counterintuitive, but stay with us. Single men over 50 are independent souls. They’ve likely worked hard career-wise to get to where they are, and could’ve quite possible fathered children too. In other words, they’ve earnt their freedom. That’s not to say that they are single-minded with it. Rather, gents who’ve reached their 50s appreciate an independent partner; they’re looking for an equal, not someone who’ll play second fiddle.

… want to have fun

Like men of all ages, chaps over 50 are as fun-loving as the next guy. And the fun that 50+ men enjoy is often much more cultivated than their younger counterparts. What does this mean? Well, it’s unlikely that your beau will be out revelling into the wee small hours every weekend (though maybe occasionally). Instead, he’ll know exactly what he enjoys and be more than willing to share it with you. This is something that comes with maturity and losing those inhibitions that bug younger guys.

… are relationship-minded

Though this point may seem contradictory to our earlier words, it actually complements what we we’re saying above. Moreover, being committed to finding a relationship doesn’t mean a man must relinquish his independence. What a single man over 50 often wants in a partner is someone who’ll bring their own story to the table. He wants to create something where both parties are on an even keel, and lay the foundations for a loving relationship to blossom.

… need to be challenged

Another quality single men over 50 often seek in a partner is whether they’re stimulating. Again, this can play out in many ways. For example, he might appreciate someone who invigorates him intellectually. He could be looking for someone who can keep pace with his energy to try new things, and occasionally be pushed to do so!
Just remember that turning 50 is a milestone that comes with a lot of life experience, and that’s something a man will bring to any relationship. You can be certain that they’ll be looking to learn something from their partner’s experience!

Ready to have the time of your life and meet amazing single men over 50? Register with SilverSingles today and start a new chapter!

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