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Relationship Goals Perfect for Any Couple After 50

Throughout our lives, we’re often reminded of the goals we should be working to achieve. From finishing college to buying a home to pursuing a promotion, setting goals for our lives and careers seems like second nature. It’s interesting, then, that while it’s such a given in some aspects of our lives we often neglect to do the same for our relationships.

Having a goal to work towards doesn’t necessarily mean that something is lacking or missing in that area of your life but rather that it would bolster or uplift what you currently have. In fact, even the most stable relationship can benefit from working towards a common relationship goal. So what kind of things should you work towards for your relationship? Below we’ve broken down some of the most important relationship goals that will benefit you and your partner. whether you’re newly partnered or are long-term lovers.

A Solid Foundation: Important Relationship Goals

Be a Dynamic Duo

While it’s unhealthy to do everything together, when it comes to building a strong relationship working as a team should always be the goal. It should never feel like one person is putting in all the hard work to make a couple work. If this starts happening, resentment will surely follow. A great way to always ensure you work together is to reframe how you approach an issue or challenge, try thinking of it in terms of you and your partner working against a problem, not you and your partner working against each other.

Trust is Earned, Not Given

If you’re looking to the long-term with your relationship, you’ll know how important it is to fully trust your partner. When you have complete faith in your partnership it will be easier to be honest and open, which is key to understanding what you each want and need out of your relationship. However, always bear in mind that trust is easily lost and once lost, is hard — or impossible — to regain.

Some find it easier than others to trust and if this is something difficult for you or your partner, you should identify this and discuss it openly. By working towards the goal of total trust, you’ll find your relationship is stronger and better equipped to deal with challenges.

Future-Focused: Relationship Goals for Long-Term Happiness

Change is Inevitable, Embracing it is Key

By the time you’re over 50 you’ve likely been through many stages in your life — in fact, you may not even recognize the person you were a decade ago. Therefore, when it comes to being in a couple, it’s important to realise you’ll both inevitably change throughout your relationship. Change can be scary but if you stay in tune with each other and are aware of how you’re both growing, there’s no reason why your partnership won’t evolve for the better as well.

Stay Physically and Mentally Connected

While a relationship should be based in friendship (after all, you should like the person you’re with!), you don’t want to start as romantic lovers and devolve into platonic friendship. Instead set the relationship goal of keeping romance alive — something especially important the longer you’ve been in a relationship. While this will undoubtedly look different to different couples, keeping intimacy alive should be a focus to keep your relationship the happiest and most fulfilling it can be.

Always in Style: Relationship Goals for All Types of Relationships

Kindness is King

Regardless of whether you’re in a romantic relationship, being kind is never a misstep. Being kind to a partner can come in form of appreciation, simple gestures and the understanding that we’re all ultimately human. On the other hand, you should also remember to be kind to yourself, treat yourself with the same respect you would others and give yourself credit for accomplishments. It can be difficult when going through challenges and personal strife to maintain the goal of showing kindness but doing so will make you a more contented person.

Learn to Listen

Some of us, by nature, are better listeners than others. However, being in a relationship both parties need to be committed to truly listening to the other to be harmonious. Being a good listener isn’t simply restricted to hearing your partners words but digesting them and taking them to heart. When listening remember to put yourself in the other person’s shoes and realise that what they’re saying is important to them — even if it seems trivial or inconsequential to you. If your partner is telling your something major, if possible, try taking the time to go away and properly process what they’ve said in order to avoid snap responses that you might later regret.

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