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Online Relationships: 7 Basics of a Healthy Connection

As meeting people over the web increasingly becomes the norm, it follows that more and more people are setting out on exciting online relationships. However, and especially for singles over 50, internet dating can present fresh but daunting challenges. This is particularly relevant if you’re completely new to the game. Because building an e-rapport is the first step to an offline rendezvous, we’ve gone back to basics to show you how (and how not) to have a happy and engaging online relationship!

Online relationships 101

You’ve decided to take the plunge and bag yourself a piece of the online dating pie! Congratulations, it’s arguably one of the most exhilarating and proactive romantic decisions you can take. But after the initial buzz subsides, the reality of starting an online relationship with someone can feel a little alien, especially if it’s your first time (so to speak).

It’s no wonder then that plenty of over 50 daters feel a little lost in this situation. But don’t let that put you off; help is on hand. Because we realize this might be your debut, we’ve put together an 7-step guide of pointers to keep handy when you’re familiarising yourself with online relationships. So, without further ado, let’s get started…

Stay safe!

One of the first questions many older singles ponder is: ‘is online dating is safe?’ The resounding answer is yes! Over the course of two decades, dating services have grown in both size and trustworthiness. In fact, many of the more reputable sites – including SilverSingles – actively employ the latest security measures to ensure that your online dating experience is safe from start to finish.

That said, there are a few points to bear in mind, particularly concerning online relationships. At no point will someone with legitimate intentions ask you for sensitive information. This includes details pertaining to your identity and/or your bank account. If anyone happens to ask you for data of this ilk, cease all contact immediately and report them to the site’s admin team. Though the likelihood of this is slim, it pays to be vigilant.

Remain openminded

One of the key things to stay conscious of when starting an online relationship with someone is open-mindedness. Online dating sites are usually composed of memberships that are incredibly diverse, something that adds to the variety of internet dating. For example, though everyone using SilverSingles is united by the fact their over 50, we’ve got members who hail from a broad range of backgrounds.

Even though sites like SilverSingles employ an intelligent approach to matchmaking that pairs you with people you share a lot in common with, don’t be surprised if your matches have characteristics that surprise you. Staying open to the new is a constructive outlook to have when you’re starting an online relationship with someone, especially as it can lead to you discovering something new about yourself!

Be honest and build trust

The golden rule of maintaining a healthy online relationship is honesty. There’s no way to dress up how vital it is to be completely truthful when you’re communicating with someone over the web. Think about it for a second; you’d be frustrated if you found out the person you’re investing time and emotions in was deceiving you, right?

Because there’s a certain degree of anonymity with internet dating, you need to be conscious of inspiring confidence in your matches (and vice versa). It’s not worth jeopardising that implicit trust by telling lies, no matter their scale. What’s more, should you end up meeting in real life, any myths will quickly be busted, which will only result in embarrassment.

Keep it simple and polite

It’s important to remember that an online relationship is a two-way dialogue, a point that’s often missed when you’re having an interface via a dating app or site. Never lose sight of the fact there’s a person on the other end of the smartphone or computer you’re chatting through. The same rules for building a relationship in person are thus also relevant; be polite and courteous.

Another frequently overlooked point that can cause undue confusion in online relationships is keeping contact simple. Although communicating via email and instant messenger services has made our lives more convenient, conversations can get complicated if you don’t express yourself clearly. Because of this, take time to think out questions and replies, and allow your partner time to get back to you.

Play it cool

This point follows on nicely from the last, and it’s equally as noteworthy. As mentioned earlier, starting an online relationship with someone who’s sparked your interest can be an exhilarating experience. All sorts of glorious emotions can grip you as you want to find out more about this fascinating person you’ve matched with.

Though you shouldn’t chastise these feelings, don’t let them get the better of your judgement, particularly when it comes to messaging. Stay relaxed when replying to your matches messages, and remain cool when they don’t get back to yours immediately. Take your time; too many budding online relationships are torpedoed by one side bombarding the other with streams of messages. Being keen is great, but don’t go OTT!

Use different mediums

Communicating through a dating app or platform is a great way to start building a solid online relationship. But there comes a point where it’s worth using different mediums to communicate with your match. Not only does this validate both yours and their authenticity (thus bolstering trust), it acts as a great precursor to meeting up with them face to face.

The traditional medium people often run with is the telephone. Phoning your match is a great way to bridge the gap between online and offline; hearing their voice for the first few times will only build the anticipation too! Getting in touch via webcam is in some respects one up from chatting on the phone as you get to see the person you’re speaking with in front of you.

Be a researcher

As well as using a mixture of mediums to bolster your budding online relationship, it’s also worth using a variety of techniques to check the authenticity of your match. To be clear, we’re not suggesting you start snooping about, we’re merely advocating that you use the internet to give yourself piece of mind that the person you’re talking to is who they say they are.

It’s very rare nowadays that someone hasn’t left their footprint online. For example, it’s highly likely that they’ll have some sort of social media account. Finding them on Facebook is a good way to see whether they’re the real deal (but don’t add them until you’ve met). Googling their name will also pull information about their job should they have a profile with their company or a personal website. This
isn’t being deceptive, it’s being savvy about online dating.

Follow these 7 pointers and above all have fun! Online relationships can be brilliant and we want you to have the best time possible. Why not register with SilverSingles today and get your adventure underway?

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