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Online dating for seniors

An Honest Guide to Online Dating for Seniors

Let’s be honest – this is the honest guide to online dating for seniors after all – online dating can be overwhelming. There are so many different older dating websites and they all have different ways of working. How are you supposed to know which ones are right for you? Will be easy to use? And which are most likely to result in a romance?

SilverSingles are experts when it comes to senior dating. So, we’ve put together this honest, and thorough guide for all your online dating burning questions.

What is online dating about?

Online dating amongst 55-to-64 year-olds has doubled in the past few years. More and more seniors are seeing the potential to meet people online and why wouldn’t they? Online dating presents opportunities that wouldn’t have arisen before. It allows you to meet and talk with people outside of your family and friendship group, expand your horizons and open doors to new experiences. It’s not hard to see why so online dating for seniors has become so popular in recent years.

Simply put, online dating is a way to connect with potential partners that you otherwise would never have had the chance to speak to. Making connections, friendships, relationships and discovering new things – all through online dating.

Are you ready for online dating?

One of the things to do before you start online dating is asking yourself the honest question – are you ready for online dating? Companionship, love, romance, these are all things that everybody craves and that doesn’t change when you get older.

So, senior dating doesn’t differ from standard online dating, it also involves putting yourself out there and being vulnerable. This requires the confidence to say yes to trying new things, to not take it personally when things don’t work out and to sell yourself to prospective partners. Being positive is one of the most important traits to have when trying older dating. Having an upbeat mindset is attractive and, more importantly, will encourage you to try new things and meet new people.

The only difference with online dating websites for seniors is that members will all be over 50. The SilverSingles community is fantastic and means you don’t have to wade through profiles outside of your age group.

What makes online dating for seniors different?

Short answer – it’s subjective. Online dating for seniors only differs in a few ways.

Users know what they want. Being older comes with the advantage of knowing who you are, what you like and having the confidence to know what you’re looking for. Senior singles tend to have less ambiguity or insecurity around their life choices, which means that online dating can be less complex.

Expectations are managed. Our users tend to have full lives before they start online dating – family, friends, hobbies are the things that take up their time. So finding companionship and love is important but they have the emotional maturity of life experiences to know that a fairytale romance isn’t guaranteed. Which takes a lot of the pressure off of budding relationships! Fun, new experiences and discovery are all things that are guaranteed with online dating for seniors.

The chance for reinvention. Like any new experience, online dating can help push you to reassess what you want out of life. Retirement and part-time work are common amongst the over 60s, freeing up time that you would never have had when you were younger. So, now you’ve started online dating, what other new avenues should you be pursuing? Surprise yourself with your newfound confidence.

Which dating site should you choose?

So, you’re clued up on what online dating is and your interested in giving it a try. But how do you pick the right dating website? There are lots of options for dating websites, ones that cater to everyone, others cater to a specific group (i.e. seniors) and some are free, others cost money.

The most important thing you want from a dating website is ease of use and accessibility. The website should be simple to understand and it should offer an app version so you can use it on the go. Take SilverSingles for example, designed for senior dating, using our website should be as simple as checking your emails. Because how are you going to find a partner if you’re confounded by the design of your dating website?!

Another key factor for picking a dating website should be safety. One of the things that typically puts off people from trying out online dating for seniors is because they worry it’s not safe. Premium dating websites like SilverSingles make safety a priority. We verify everybody who signs up to our site, have an online guide to safety and have an excellent customer care team in case users want to ask any questions.

When it comes to free vs. premium dating sites it can seem like going with free is the best option. Premium dating sites tend to weed out people who aren’t taking their dating seriously and gives you unlimited access to the range of features designed specifically for senior singles. SilverSingles has a basic and premium option, the free option is great as a trial to see if the site is right for you.

Simply put, important factors when considering an older dating website are:

  1. Ease of use
  2. Accessibility
  3. Safety
  4. Premium perks

How to write the best dating profile

It’s amazing how many people you could ask ‘what are you like as a person? What are your interests? Your passions?’ and most people would be completely clueless.

It’s no wonder that most profile descriptions by older singles amount to nothing more than ‘Like to have fun, enjoy a laugh and enjoy the cinema’. Not the most exciting description in the world, right?

Think hard, what kind of movies are you interested in? Biographical documentaries? 1930’s Film Noir? Are you a sucker for a rom-com with Julia Roberts? Make the best of your profile with an honest and authentic explanation of who you are and what you like.

The people viewing your profile want to get a sense of you, so pack as much personality as you can into it. Although, nobody wants to read an essay, so try and be brief but memorable! If you’re stuck for ideas then ask friends and family to describe you and use that instead. Remember to include what you’re looking for as well if you’re not sure, then simply say ‘Looking for new experiences and adventures, want to join me?’ Fortune favours the bold after all.

Picking the best picture

One of the biggest misconceptions that put single seniors off online dating is that it’s all based on looks, right? This is incorrect, the point of pictures on your online dating profile is to enhance what you’ve written about yourself. Did you gush about travelling? Then make sure you have pictures of yourself on your exotic travels! Do you love relaxing with a good book and a glass of wine? Then snap a selfie while you’re doing it, that moody candlelight will light you perfectly!

  • Some simple do’s and don’ts
  • Avoid covering your face with a hat or sunglasses, show your gorgeous face!
  • Don’t have a group shot at your main photo, solo only
  • Don’t upload a photo that’s more than two years old, it may seem tempting but be honest
  • Take a photo in good light, it’s the easiest way to snap a great shot
  • Get friends to snap some candid photos of you out and about

What to write in your first message

So you’ve signed up, you’re looking gorgeous and your profile is done. So, now what?

With SilverSingles we send matches to you as opposed to you trawling through lots of profiles. Members are sent between 3-7 matches a day after completing our in-depth personality questionnaire. In our 17 years of senior online dating experience, we’ve found this is the best way to ensure high compatibility and also takes most of the hassle out of online dating.

So what does this have to do with your first message? Well, for starters it’s easier sending a message to someone when they know that you’ve been matched with based on shared interests. Keep your first message simple, the best ways to start an introduction is to find common ground, mention something on their profile you like or ask a question about one of the interests they’ve listed.

‘Hey David, I noticed on your profile that you’re an avid traveller. Is that France I spot in your photo on the beach? Looks exactly like a gorgeous hideaway I discovered in Nice last year. Are you doing any travelling this year? Thanks, Sarah’

Still unsure about your first message? We’ve got a whole guide to first messages here.

Rejection and success

All online dating for seniors enjoys an amount of rejection and success, just like regular dating. It’s all about the mindset you have when you start dating; if you’re imbued with confidence and positivity then it’s easier to roll with the punches when things don’t work out.

Just remember, everyone has different motivations for online dating and some people’s aims won’t match with yours, or there simply won’t be a spark sometimes. It doesn’t mean that you should give up – remember why you signed up in the first place and have that as a mantra. With online dating you get out what you put into it, so if you’re keen then you’ll probably meet lots of interesting people, if you’re feeling lax about it then chances are your options will get slim!

Want more in-depth advice about how to handle rejection and success? We made two guides for over 50s men and women about the peaks and troughs of online dating.

Online dating for seniors – is it for you?

Congratulations, you’re now a senior online dating expert! So, is it for you? SilverSingles is the best jumping off point for older singles and with our basic version you can see what the website is all about before making a commitment.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for SilverSingles today.

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