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Meet People Online

Wondering How to Meet People Online? Let Us Help

When thinking about meeting new people today, the most obvious place to start is actually online! Whether you want to meet people in your area or join online dating sites, it turns out that when looking for the most convenient and accessible place to meet people, online is the way to go. We cover the basics to get you in the know and on the way…

Meet people online: why it’s the place to go

So how have online platforms become such a popular place to make connections and meet new people? It’s quite simple really – the internet created a digital meeting point that can bring communities together in one place all at the tip of your fingers! It created the opportunity to meet online, and connect with people who share your relationship goals, values and interests in an easily accessible virtual meeting point. The best part is that the digital community makes it easy to find your people, chat online and develop that connection into a real-life relationship!

Meet people online: safety first

First things first. When joining the world of online dating, online security is an important part of making you feel safe and free to enjoy this new world. Choosing a secure website, like SilverSingles, is step one to peace of mind. Here are some more helpful pointers to feel relaxed and enjoy safety first.

• Don’t give your bank details or personal address to a stranger online
• Tell someone else when and where you’re meeting a new person for the first time
• Best to meet in a public space in the early days
• Don’t be scared to say no of you don’t feel comfortable

Meet people online: where to go

When it comes to meeting people online, different platforms are for different purposes. So, if you’re looking for online dating or a place to enjoy interesting online chat, or perhaps you want to join a group that shares similar hobbies, there’s multiple options out there! From interest-based groups like Meetup to online dating, the trick is to find your fit.

At SilverSingles we focus on the over 50 singles community looking for relationships and companionships. The key to success in knowing where to meet people online is to know what kind of people you want to meet, what purpose you have and finding the platform that fulfils those needs for you. Once have a clear idea, you can take it a step further and join your niche community. Are you looking for over 50 singles or perhaps older gay dating? Take the fuss out of it and connect with you community online!

Meet people online: how to connect

Once you have joined the right platform, the next step is learning how to communicate effectively online. Presenting yourself and taking the first steps of communication online is a skill that can develop. Here are a few key pointers to help you ease into it.

It starts off by creating a great profile that is both honest and interesting. It’s important to cover the basic facts, such as your gender, age and sexual orientation. With SilverSingles we make it as easy as possible for you with our personality questionnaire, which includes rich details about your interests and values. You can then complement this in the biography section with details you would like to highlight about yourself. Use this opportunity to provide an insight into yourself. And be sure to edit it – poor spelling and grammar is a huge turn off! Don’t be afraid to draw attention to your best features!

A second essential step to meet people online is to select appropriate profile photos. Studies have shown that including clear photos greatly increases the chances of someone clicking on your profile. The aim of your online profile is to build an offline relationship so there’s no point in using misleading pictures. Start with an up-to-date photograph – a recent photo of you in natural light, alone in the picture and without a hat or sunglasses is ideal. Select a few different photos to highlight diverse aspects of your personality and lifestyle– such as doing activities or with a beloved pet. A selection of photos creates a more accurate and fuller impression so add in more than one.
The most important thing to keep in mind is to be honest and open. Your goal is to meet someone who likes you for who you are and find mutual compatibility based on authentic connection. So just be you and see who comes along!

Meet people online: move it offline

Once you have met someone online, the goal is to move it offline and build a real-life relationship. The building blocks of these steps include the initial online messaging, getting ready for your initial meeting, making a positive first impression and first date conversation. Let’s break down some tips for first messages, how to move from messaging to meeting smoothly, and getting the conversation started!

Online conversation starters:

Connecting online is the first step to meeting offline, and first impressions count! A good starting point is to find common ground or ask a question about something you found interesting on their profile. It shows you paid attention! Stay upbeat and positive in your tone, and once your conversation has kicked off introduce a little flirting (but do keep it classy!)

Making a good first impression:

So, you have organized to meet up and it’s time to get ready! You want to ensure that your first impression in real life is positive and reflects the true you. Cover the basics of being neat, tidy, appropriately dressed and clean. Do some breathing exercises and focus on carrying yourself with confidence – shoulders back, head up and look at your date directly in the eye. Body language is a powerful tool for positive connection. Let go and enjoy your time together – it’s not a test but rather an opportunity for you both to have a good time!

First date questions:

Sometimes conversation comes quite easily and sometimes, if you’re both nervous, it can be helpful to have prepared a few talking topics beforehand. You can cover the basics, which include topics such as work, holidays and leisure time. But to get them curious, cover topics such as best friends, siblings, music and travel. If it’s going well, you can move onto intriguing questions; early bird or night owl? Are you a pet person or who has influenced you most? Although preparation can be helpful, remember in the moment to always let the conversation unfold naturally and go with the flow!

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