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Time to Click? Premium Matchmaking with SilverSingles

Trying out an over 50 dating site can be an exciting prospect. However, it can also be a bit daunting, especially if you’ve never done it before! Thinking about things like a dating profile or how to spin a first message are important considerations. To alleviate the load, we’ve developed an intelligent matchmaking system so you don’t have to worry about searching for people. We do the legwork, and here’s how…

Accurate matchmaking

Our approach to matchmaking is one of the aspects of our dating site we’re most proud of. By combining an in-depth personality test with the qualities you’re seeking in someone, we’re able to suggest partners who you’ll truly click with. We know that your dating success rests on meeting people who share a similar outlook on life. And we can say with some confidence that we’ll only suggest matches that are both accurate and in line with what you’re looking for.

How SilverSingles’ matchmaking works

The crux of our matchmaking system is our in-depth personality test. Based on the famous Five Factor Model, one of the most popular psychological theories of the last 40 years, it’s designed to get a high-definition snapshot of the characteristics unique to you. Our questionnaire is also the perfect opportunity for you to flesh out the key points you look for in a relationship.

Things get swish from here on in. Once we’ve compiled your very own personality profile, our matchmaking algorithm gets to work. By comparing your details with thousands of other SilverSingles members, we’re able to send you new, accurate matches each day. Our partner suggestions match up your search criteria and personality traits, meaning you can focus on getting to know one and other!

An online matchmaker made with you in mind

How can we be so confident that our matchmaking system delivers you accurate matches? Simple. The initial questionnaire, which takes up just over half of the registration process, tells us about the intricacies of your values and behaviour. This then helps build a profile that allows us to introduce you to other over 50s.

Although comparing profiles is a crucial part of our matchmaking system, it’s not the be-all-and-end-all. The remaining trench of the sign-up process focuses on your expectations when it comes to prospective partners, as well as important socio-demographic criteria. All this information is considered when we match you with people.

For example, we let you set specific relationship expectations and emphasise how important they are to you. We basically want to minimise the likelihood you’ll come across any unexpected dealbreakers. That’s why we’ll ask you specific details, such as the preferred age of your partner, how far you’re willing to travel to meet them, whether they have kids, and their level of education.

One important caveat here – which is very relevant to the personality test – is to take your time. Consider your responses when filling out the questionnaire as you can only take it once. Letting us know about your partner preferences isn’t a one-off instance; you can change them as you wish, particularly if you’d like to receive slightly different partner suggestions.

Activity = Rewards

Another unique element of our matchmaking system is the relationship between activity and our suggestions. This might sound a little vague, but here’s how it works. At SilverSingles, we encourage our members to be as invested in their older dating experience as possible. That’s why we make sure members who are active on our platform are rewarded with the best quality matches.

We figure that it makes sense to match people who are active for a variety of reasons. Firstly, online dating can sometimes require a bit of patience, and we want to reward this! Secondly, we believe that activity directly correlates with how serious someone is with finding a partner, so matching these people means there’s a higher chance of something special sparking.

The importance of dating profiles

Finally, one of the most important parts of online dating is putting together a dazzling dating profile. You might be wondering how this is related to our matchmaking service. And yes, it may seem a bit vague. However, they are in fact pretty closely linked.

As mentioned, SilverSingles matchmaking relies heavily on the amount of information you make available to us. Of course, the main source of this info is in the personality test you’re required to fill out upon registration. However, we reward members who take the time to compile a detailed dating profile; uploading clear profile pictures and including relevant information increases your chance of meeting your match. Optimising your profile counts as activity, something we always encourage!

So there you have it, a quick look at a matchmaking system that sets us apart from the rest. Are you ready to find out what over 50 dating is all about? Get ready for a new adventure and register with SilverSingles today. What are you waiting for?

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