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dating tips for men over 50

The Top 10 Dating Tips for Men Over 50

Dating at any age can be stressful. The best thing about dating when you’re over 50 is that you know yourself better than when you were dating in your twenties. No adolescent awkwardness, but over 50’s men are typically a tad rusty when it comes to the dating game. Here are SilverSingles’ top 10 dating tips for men over 50, so you can get back on the horse without worry.

1. Try online dating

Most men over 50 have a nice friendship group and a routine of work, hobbies, downtime and family. Trying to meet someone new is tricky, especially nowadays when talking to strangers in public settings isn’t as easy as it once was. Sound difficult? It isn’t – luckily most new conversations, friendships and beginnings of relationships now take place online. Online dating is a great way to dip your toes in the water of dating. Read why SilverSingles is one of the top choices for adults over 50.

2. Be optimistic and positive

Whether you’re online, or on that all-important first date, being positive is instantly attractive to others. Possibly one of the most important dating tips for men over 50 is to portray their sunniest disposition when they’re looking for a relationship. Optimism is infectious, there’s no denying it and it’s a great first impression to potential suitors. So if you’re writing a dating profile, make sure you convey your life in a positive way, or if you’re out on a date then compliment her outfit, talk up the restaurant, or even praise the weather!

3. Be honest, be authentic

This is another dating tip for men over 50 that can apply to online and offline dating. When it comes to online dating there is a tendency to either undersell or oversell yourself – remember to honest when you’re describing your life. Authenticity and feeling confident about expressing who you are is incredibly attractive to women. So, be honest and make sure you’re online dating photo is up to date! Offline, being honest and authentic is usually easier, if you haven’t dated in a while or had much luck then feel free to tell your date. Just remember our previous tip, maintain a positive attitude about it.

4. Location, location, location

Not sure where to take your date? It can be stressful trying to figure out the perfect setting for that crucial first date. Our advice is to always go neutral: coffee shops, parks, museums, cultural events, or markets are all great locations for a date. A daytime date always takes the pressure off because it is implicitly casual. Also, doing an activity like going to a museum or a cultural event means that you’ll never be short for conversation topics.

5. Dress for success

Now you know where you’re going, what do you wear? Men over 50 tend to get a bit stuck in their ways when it comes to fashion, dressing the same way for years and years. Now, getting back in the dating game doesn’t necessarily mean you need a drastic makeover. Think of it as a slight update, and remember, shopping is supposed to be fun! Think of some of the men you admire – they could be actors, sportsmen or even men you know – think about some of the clothes that they wear. Treat yourself and buy something a little outside your comfort zone for your first date, this will also change your mindset and give you a little boost to shake off any negativity associated with the past.

6. Ask questions and listen

You’ve seen it on film and TV, someone’s on a first date and the other person will-not-stop-talking. Dating nerves usually mean that people tend to start reeling off their life story without even realising it. Remember, you want to get to know the person in front of you and the ultimate flattery is being asked about yourself! So ask, ask, ask – it’s a great way to get rid of any nerves as well and get an excellent conversation flowing easily.

7. Know what you want

One of the forgotten dating tips for men over 50 is that you have to remember dating isn’t just a means to an end. What do you want? A long-term relationship? Companionship? Passion? Laughter? This isn’t something you need to bring up in a first message or even a first date, but think about what you want out of this experience before you dive into it. This means that you can assess whether your new partner matches those expectations or not quickly.

8. Don’t be set in your ways

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks is an easy way of saying ‘I never do anything differently’. Dating in your 50s can be a liberating time to rediscover yourself and try lots of new things! When a date asks if you’d like to go on a hike for a date – or boating, or horseback riding, whatever it is – let them know it’s not something you’ve done before and say you’d like to give it a go. Not only will you have experienced something new, but being flexible and open to new things is another trait that is very desirable to the right kind of woman.

9. Be patient, but also value your time

With online dating, you can be chatting to any number of people at a given time. This means that you can start a few early relationships with people before it fizzles out if the chemistry isn’t quite right. Be patient, our matchmaking questionnaire was designed to only match you with compatible partners. Yet, it’s important to value your time. If someone isn’t getting back to you, or cancelling dates, then be honest with them and say that you need to spend your time trying to find that special someone.

10. Don’t move too fast, but don’t move to slow either!

The last of our dating tips for men over 50 is about intimacy. When you get back into dating, it’s only natural to be nervous about where a budding relationship can lead. Just remember that you should take your time, make sure your partner is comfortable with the speed and direction your relationship is going. Whilst it seems that intimacy should be unspoken and subconsciously inferred, the modern man actually speaks about his feelings before he acts. You’re both adults, have a chat about where you’d like the relationship to go.

Now you’re primed for the dating game, where do you start? SilverSingles is one of the best websites for older dating, take our personality test today to start receiving matches. Sign up now!

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