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Embrace Dating for the Young at Heart with SilverSingles

Even for those who consider themselves young at heart, it can be rather intimidating to launch into the world of online dating. With many singles over 50 re-entering the dating scene for the first time since their 20s, it’s natural to feel unsure and perhaps as though it’s a world you’ve aged out of. However, with a growing number of singles aged 50+, it’s clear that this couldn’t be further from the truth. So, what does dating for the young at heart look like – or even mean – for men and women over 50? Read on to find out.

What Does Dating for the Young at Heart Mean Anyway?

While a few decades ago people may have considered 50 or 60 an age where retirement and quiet lifestyles should be considered, the world and its perception of age has changed rapidly. These days, with living conditions, medical knowledge and awareness of health at an all-time high, people are living longer and fuller lives.

With the way in which age is regarded having changed so much, it’s no wonder many people over 50 consider themselves young at heart and actively seek a partner who feels the same. Young at heart singles and couples aren’t concerned with old-school ideas of what a twosome over 50 looks like, they find the idea of a comfortable rut unappealing, and are bored by the thought of cozying up in matching armchairs night after night.

As a niche dating service, SilverSingles provides a platform for singles over 50 to find well-suited matches who compliment their lives. Our members come from all walks of life and for many of them, finding a partner who lives a young at heart lifestyle is a top priority. All SilverSingles members complete a personality test that gives them the opportunity to explain the type of person they are and their preference in a partner. This way we can be sure to send you matches you’ll truly connect with.

Young at Heart and in Body

With the everyday stresses and pressures of our lives to contend with, it’s easy to want to live a lifestyle that makes you feel young at heart, but actually putting that into action can be a little harder. Thankfully, there are a few ways you can implement a young a heart lifestyle with relative ease. Check them out below:

Exercise your body and help your mind

Whether you’re an ultra-marathon runner or just a casual gym goer, regular exercise is one thing that will literally shave years off your life and keep you young. According to Dr. Frank Frisch, director of kinesiology at Chapman University, working out, even in moderate amounts, will have a great effect on your physical and mental health. Small changes like a brisk walk twice a week, a weekly yoga class or a few laps at local swimming pool will make all the difference if done somewhat regularly.

Find a like-minded partner

We know that the people you spend the most time with often have an impact on your personal success and habits. So, it stands to reason that surrounding yourself with a partner who considers themselves young at heart will have a positive effect on you. For those using SilverSingles, our customizable filters mean that you can be specific about the type of person you want to meet and our matchmaking algorithm will match accordingly – perfect for aligning compatible lifestyles!

Feel good by looking good

If you feel as though your lifestyle could use a shakeup, kickstart it by freshening up your look. Opting for a new hairstyle and splashing out on new clothes will often give you a confidence boost through feeling great within yourself, as well as through others giving you compliments. It might seem trite, but the “fake it till you make it” mantra has an element of truth to it and you might find if you change your outward appearance, inwardly you’ll notice a shift as well.

Don’t be afraid to change and try something new

There’s nothing that will have you feeling older than your years than settling into a stale and comfortable routine. Keep life exciting by saying yes to new opportunities and experiences that come your way – even (or especially) if they force you out of your comfort zone. Pick up a sport you’ve always been intrigued by, join a club that sounds interesting, or perhaps give internet dating a go and meet new friends outside of your current social circle. Remember, it’s never too late to change or try something new, so seize the chance now!

Date Ideas for a Young at Heart Couple

Once you’ve made a connection with a kindred spirit and you feel that spark, the next step is heading out on a date or two. For those who love to be active and out in the community, you probably want some alternative ideas to save you from the monotony of dinner dates and movie nights. Why not try one of these date ideas to keep the relationship full of vim and vigor.

Hiking a local trail

As mentioned earlier, being active is a fantastic way to keep yourself feeling young and what better way to do that as a couple than exploring beautiful local hikes. We often forget what we have in our own backyards, so research some local trails, pack a lunch and head out together for an adventure.

Have a night out on the town

There are few things more fun than going out for a few drinks and dancing to good music. While it can be easy to chalk this up as an activity more suited to those in their 20s, in reality, there’s no age cap on having fun. Find a fun spot with live music, strap on your dancing shoes and spend a few carefree hours dancing it out.

See some stand-up comedy

While we all know that going to the theater or cinema can be a great date idea, there’s something about being made to laugh for a couple of hours that will truly leave you feeling youthful. Whether it’s an established comedian on a tour or a small evening with up-and-coming talent, taking a chance on a comedy night is well worth the gamble.

Try a random class

One of the best things about being so connected online is that it’s easier than ever to find weird and wonderful events and classes to give a go. Trying something a little unusual can be a great thing to do as a couple, especially when you’re both total beginners. Whether you’re interested in bee husbandry, kombucha making or pottery, turning your hand to something new is the ultimate way to feel young at heart.

Ready to explore dating for the young at heart? Register with SilverSingles now and start meeting like-minded singles today.

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